I have pioneered an innovative cross-business network, provided vision and strategy, developed and established its structure, standardized it across brands and categories, and deployed it throughout the organization

I leveraged consumer and shopper understanding to maximize the effectiveness of eight P&G brands' in-store presentation

Provided vision and developed strategy for the cross-business network
  Created vision for building business by optimizing in-store effectiveness
  Developed a robust multiple category shopper strategy

Set business goals and drove alignment of senior leadership (30 senior managers, across 8 categories)

Developed and sustained cross-business organizational structure
  Developed tactical plans and success measures that closely tied success to individual business capabilities and goals

Designed and put in place organizational structures that enabled diverse businesses to achieve their specific needs

  Established a training program for knowledge standardization across businesses to drive rapid development and reapplication of global best-in-class research and analytical tools
Standardized and integrated in-store design process
  Developed and deployed a systematic approach to in-store design to maximize in-store effectiveness for brands and retailers
  Identified key focus areas for in-store design and identified the best-in-class practices to be used in initiative design across retailers
  Ensured that work processes were simple, systematic, and easily adopted, to engage and energize leadership and business teams
  This innovative approach is now integral part of global go-to-market P&G strategies

Impact $300,000,000





  C. Minje Martinez