Welcome to a presentation of my market research portfolio, market research as a formidable competitive weapon, not just data collection and analysis.

I am an innovative, results-focused professional with over 27 years of diverse experience with Procter & Gamble:

  in multiple brands, products, categories, functions
  in the US, Europe, Latin America, China, Japan
  with top retailers

I have expertise in:

  consumer and shopper insights
  cutting edge quantitative and qualitative market research,
   from statistical analysis to focus groups to consumer immersion
  in-store presentation and marketing
  breakthrough product development and process design
  flawless market launch

I have leveraged market research to produce results through:

  strategy impact
  consumer insights
  in-store marketing

Please find out about me and feel free to contact me with any questions

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C. Minje Martinez





  C. Minje Martinez